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Treat Accessibly Halloween Villages 2022

Made possible by Canadian Tire

In 2022 Treat Accessibly Halloween Villages expanded across Canada spanning coast-to-coast!  The villages allow children with disabilities and their families to experience an accessible trick-or-treating with each other and local neighbourhood kids.  It's also a party with DJs and costumed characters!

Thanks to Canadian Tire for their support and to the local homeowners who volunteered their time to make our Halloween Villages possible.

Costumed child dressed as an carnival game at a trick or treating station

Hamilton Halloween Village

Costume child dressed as the Scooby Doo van

St Albert Halloween Village

DJ booth under a tent

Toronto Halloween Village

Children posing with characters in Star Wars, Spiderman, and Wolverine costumes

Ottawa Halloween Village

Child dressed as Hulk Hogan in a wrestling ring

St Albert Halloween Village

Child in a stroller dressed as a spaceman

Toronto Halloween Village

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