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Organize Your Own Halloween Village

Treat Accessibly, with the generous support of Canadian Tire, holds several Halloween Villages across Canada.  But we can't reach every community.  Organizing your own Halloween Village is a great way to bring the joy of trick-or-treating to children, their friends, and family.  Providing in a safe, accessible, and inclusive environment allows children to take in the full trick-or-treating experience and lessens the burden of caretakers.

Get Your Treat Accessibly Kit

We've created a downloadable kit to help you out.  The kit is filled with information to help you engage and inform those in your community, tips on how to set-up your Halloween Village, and provides printable materials to help announce, promote, and decorate your village.

By filling out this form you'll gain access to a downloadable file. We'll also know that you are planning to organize your own Halloween Village and be able to provide additional advice and insight on how to provide the best experience for all attendees.

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