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Get Your Lawn Sign

Place our FREE Accessible Trick-or-Treating sign on your home’s front lawn at least a week before Halloween to give families and caregivers plenty of time to plan their trick-or-treating route.

You can also reach out to your local RE/MAX office and ask them if they can order a Treat Accessibly Lawn Sign for you from RE/MAX Canada.

Find Your Local

Click on the map to find the RE/MAX offices in your area.

Find your local Canadian RE/MAX office

While Treat Accessibly lawn signs are recyclable, we hope that you store the sign with the rest of your Halloween decorations and celebrate accessibility every year!

Print Your Own

Can’t get to a participating RE/MAX office?  Not a problem.  Just print two copies of our printable lawn signs on standard letter-sized paper (8.5 by 11), attach them back to back on a stick, and stick the sign on your front lawn near the top of your driveway.

Treat Accessibly lawn sign promoting accessible trick or treating

Don't have Adobe Acrobat Reader?

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