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RICH PADULO: You're about to see the most accessible Halloween experience in the world.

Treat Accessibly Halloween Village is intended to bring children with and without disabilities parents with and without disabilities together to treat for real in a traditional way from house to house not door to from driveway to driveway.

The Treat Accessibly Halloween Village's primary goal is to have kids have fun together with and without disabilities 
but also to share that experience visually with the rest of Canada so on Halloween night they choose to Treat Accessibly from their driveways.

And when they do they create a more accessible and inclusive society for 400,000 Canadian kids in our country.

<audio description> [Spooky music]

MOLLY: I don't get to actually do much and she has to go up and get candy for me and today I got to do that myself.

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RICH PADULO: Thanks to Canadian Tire we have nine Treat Accessibly Villages happening across the country in 2023.  Thanks to RE/MAX and Canadian Tire we're giving out free lawn signs across the country.  Visit to learn where to get yours.

Thanks to Kinder putting our message on their chocolate boxes

We have a message going out on so many levels, and then thanks to Toyota for giving me a truck so we may hand deliver lawn signs to schools and City Halls.

Without this support, we wouldn't be able to achieve what we're doing today.

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<audio description> Halloween Village 2023 Locations with a map silhouette of Canada with ghost icons for the following cities: Halifax, Nova Scotia; Ottawa, Ontario (Stittsville); Toronto, Ontario, Oakville, Ontario; Hamilton, Ontario; Calgary, Alberta; St Albert, Alberta; Edmonton, Alberta; Surrey, British Columbia.

<audio description> Treat Accessibly logo (dynamic wheelchair accessibility symbol with a flowing cape) with the logos for Toyota, Canadian Tire, RE/MAX and Kinder.

<audio description>

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