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Treat Accessibly: Join the accessibility movement this Halloween


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SIENA PADULO: Imagine creating a world where no child felt left out.  Well, you can help do that for one night.

Did you know that almost half a million kids can't trick-or-treat with their families because of something as simple as stairs to your front door?

<audio description> Cartoon image of homes with Treat Accessibly lawns signs in their front yards.

But now you can join the close to 100  000 homes already changing that.  It's super easy and fun to make your home accessible and inclusive at Halloween.

<audio description> House with a lawn sign in the front yard and the text "Place Sign 1 week before Halloween".

Just place one of our free Treat Accessibly lawn signs at the end of your driveway, telling your neighbours and children with disabilities they're welcome at your home.

<audio description> Costumed child in a wheelchair trick-or-treating.

It also shares with your community that you support creating an inclusive and accessible society every day.

<audio description> Cartoon image of a skeleton at a trick-or-treat station in front of a home with a costumed child in a wheelchair looking happy.

If you love Halloween imagine the fun of setting up a treat station at the end of your driveway so kids with mobility, sensory, or intellectual disabilities can enjoy trick-or-treating with everybody else.  Plus you get to have fun seeing and talking to all the parents and kids in your neighbourhood and really get into the community spirit this year.

<audio description> Cartoon image of a spooky tunnel ending at an iron gate with the text "Make Canada Accessible to everyBODY."

It's so easy to get started being a Treat Accessibly home and join the movement to help make Canada more accessible to everybody every day.  Just visit the How To section of  Visit our Tips section for all the easy steps to make any home accessible to trick-or-treaters.  And click the Free Sign section to see where you can get a Treat Accessibly free lawn sign in your area or print your own.

My name is Siena.  Our family believes there is NO can't in Canada when it comes to making Halloween the first accessibly inclusive holiday IN THE WORLD!

Thanks to all of you.

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