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Treat Accessibly Honoured at Queens Park



SPEAKER OF THE HOUSE: ... introduction of visitors the Minister for Children Community  ... is the Minister for Seniors and Accessibility.

THE HONOURABLE RAYMOND CHO: Good morning Mr Speaker.  I like to recognize a family that is here today that has changed the world.

Yes that's right the Padulo Family has done just that.  They created the Treat Accessibly campaign so that children with the disabilities, not only here in Ontario, but around the world can have a safe happy and accessible Halloween.

To Rich, his wife Natasha congratulations! But the idea for Treat Accessibly came from Siena their amazing daughter who wanted to help children enjoy Halloween as she does.

To Rich, Natasha, Siena, you are an inspiration to us all. You are the reason that Treat Accessibly exists.  On behalf of this legislation, legislature and the people of Ontario Society better for all of us. Thank you.


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