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How you can make this Halloween season accessible and inclusive.


MAYOR KEVIN DAVIS: Hi folks, Mayor Kevin Davis speaking today from lovely Harmony Square.  

Today I'm here with Rich Padulo. He's the founder of Treat Accessibly 

and we're here to tell you how to make this Halloween season the most accessible yet with the help of Treat Accessibility.

RICH PADULO: In 2017 our family founded Treat Accessibly when we noticed a little boy using a wheelchair across the street when we were putting pumpkins on our stairs.

It occurred to us right away that he couldn't treat at our home.

And that's when we looked up and saw all the other houses with stairs and it occurred to us that children with disabilities such as mobility, sensory, or intellectual disabilities would have difficulties treating at Halloween and that's when we created this sign that night with our dear friend Pat Lohr.

That Halloween we had seven families attend from over four kilometres away to tell us they had never seen anything like it.

Flash Forward five years and over one hundred thousand of these signs have been delivered across the country with thanks to RE/MAX.

And Kinder this year is presenting Halloween candy with the Treat Accessibly mark on the front and back to let people know how to get their free sign.

MAYOR KEVIN DAVIS: Over four hundred thousand children in Canada identify as having a disability and disabilities that may prevent them from enjoying trick-or-treating with their siblings and other kids.

Treat Accessibly's goal is to have four hundred thousand households participate in the program One household for every Canadian child with accessibility needs.

That's a great goal.

So Rich how does the program work?

RICH PADULO: Well it's really easy because any home can actually be accessible at Halloween.

You simply bring your stuff to the end of your driveway we call it a treat station and you bring your treats to the street.

So end of your driveway or out of your garage or out of your trunk as long as you're removing stairs from the scenario the bulk of the issues that or barriers that people face with disabilities are alleviated.

The Brantford Community the city itself will be distributing two hundred and fifty lawn signs that have been produced in partnership with RE/MAX and Ferrero.

So Mayor Davis how are you distributing the Treat Accessibly lawn signs this year?

MAYOR KEVIN DAVIS: I'm glad you asked that Rich.

You can get a sign at the Wayne Gretzky Sports Center. You can come down to City Hall and get one and October the 8th here in Harmony Square there will be signs available to pick up.

So Rich do you have any final words for us?

RICH PADULO: Well I'd like to thank you Mayor Davis and Brantford for helping us expand Treat Accessibly in your community and I guess ...

RICH PADULO and MAYOR KEVIN DAVIS: Happy Halloween everybody.

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