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Over 400,000 children in Canada and 4 million children in the United States identify as having one or more disabilities.   Disabilities that may prevent them from enjoying trick-or-treating with their siblings and other kids.  Our grassroots movement started at our family’s home in 2017.


40,000 homes were having a Treat Accessibly Halloween. 


100,000 homes in Canada participated in accessible trick-or-treating.


Imagine 400,000 homes across Canada, following Treat Accessibly guidelines.

Treat Accessibly Halloween Village

How Can I Help?

No matter what kind of home you have: apartment, house, condo, etc. as long as you have children trick-or-treating in your neighbourhood you should ensure that all children can participate and enjoy themselves.  You can help by taking a couple of simple steps.

Accessible Trick-or-Treating

Setting up and organizing your trick-or-treating station to be accessible to all children is simple and easy to do.  Just follow our tips and you'll have something that's inclusive for your entire community. 

Organize an Event

Sometimes it's easier for children with a disability and their caregivers to trick-or-treat during the day.  Organizing an event in your community can ensure that all children experience the joy of dressing as their favourite character and get into the trick-or-treating spirit!

Thanks to the cities, municipalities, and regions that have already officially announced their support for an accessible and inclusive trick-or-treating experience.

Ottawa, Ontario
Hamilton, Ontario
Surrey, BC
Toronto, Ontario
Edmonton, Alberta
Halifax, Nova Scotia
Mississauga, Ontario

Get a Lawn Sign

Let your neighbours know that you support accessible trick-or-treating and that your home is set up to receive all children.

Treat Accessibly Lawn Sign

Stay Informed

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We want to make Hallowe'en the first accessible holiday in the world.